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Shane the Visionary, appreciates the City of Chicago, while answering a State-call during COVID-19 C

A state-call visit takes Shane to the City of Chicago. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, though fortunate to be alive, many people are dealing with very high-stress circumstances. Family members & friends are being lost along the way, the world's economy is suffering, jobs are being lost, and social circles are being distanced.

As Shane attempts to continue providing for his family and himself, he couldn't help but feel very fortunate to have amazing clients, who reciprocate the love and good energy that he strives to always express through every Shane-cut! Here it is, as he was making an earning, he also had the pleasure of seeing the City of Chicago for the very first time. It was a short, but tasteful trip!

The team at Shane-cuts Inspiration Barber Shop continues to pray and encourage it's community during this pandemic.

#inspiration #Orlando #Chicago #Covid19 #barbering

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