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Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of 'Shane-cuts Inspiration Barber Shop'

We are very excited and blessed to announce that this is the one year anniversary of Shane-cuts Inspiration Barber Shop! It was on October 16th, 2015 that its founder, Oswashane Fletcher ('Shane the Visionary'), announced and started Shane-cuts Inspiration Barber Shop's journey towards becoming a premier Barbershop in Central Florida! Twelve months later, we are thrilled with the progress we've made and the growth that we've had. This Barbershop is producing quality haircuts and providing the type of service that keeps its clients happy and eager to return. We are doing our very best to help change the world by offering a welcoming atmosphere that promotes love, peace, and positivity.

1 Year Anniversary

At Shane-cuts Inspiration Barber Shop we thrive on the concept of inspiring each other and everyone that walks through our door to be the best each one can be, chase our dreams, and love our fellowmen. One of the greatest ways to inspire each other is through the traditional act of sharing life stories. So we're going to share, with you, a brief overview of our year-one story.

A few achievements in this 1st year:

We launched on October 16, 2015 with open doors to serve the Orlando community and visiting clients from out of town. Comparable to most journeys to success, our Barbershop has endured a few obstacles/setbacks, but with a strong leader and team, we always bounced back to be a more solid and motivated business. Despite the issues we faced, we have been blessed to experience a rather steady increase in clients throughout the year. At this point, we are an ambitious team of three Barbers (Shane the Visionary, Alexander, & Matt Diaz Sr the Barber). We currently have openings for new quality Barbers; as we're launching new promotional efforts for year 2, and are expecting a greater increase in clientele. At any rate, our founder is focused on quality over quantity, and will remain to hold high standards and pursue new Barbers with a prestigious approach.

Some of the highlights:

  • We have excelled in customer satisfaction and have managed to receive excellent reviews; achieving and maintaining a 5-star rating throughout the year.

  • The Barbers of Shane-cuts Inspiration Barber Shop have honored a big part of the Shop's mission by collectively organizing, collaborating, and doing events to support and bless its community:

  • "Shane-cuts Inspiration Barber Shop meets The Transition House!" We had a fulfilling experience serving 40 Veterans with free haircuts and companionship.

  • "Shane-cuts Inspiration Barber Shop meets the Covenant House Orlando!" Covenant House Florida serves runaway, homeless, & at-risk youth under 21 including teen parents and their babies. Our team of Barbers helped make a difference in 35 of these children's lives by offering free haircuts, prizes, friendship & support.

  • "Shane the Visionary Hosts a free educational workshop for the student Barbers of Florida Technical College."

  • We believe in the growing industry of Barbering. We have hosted lectures and demos to help student Barbers learn the importance of professionalism, understand the different aspects of the Business, and increase their practical skills.

The giveaway

We are celebrating this milestone with a giveaway! On November 18, 2016 we will be randomly choosing 5 names, who will be the winners of our Anniversary Prizes. The 5 winners will be provided a Shane-cuts Inspiration Barber Shop Voucher for 2 FREE, Full-service Haircuts (usable on any day the Barbershop is open; Expires Nov 18, 2017).


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Shane-cuts Inspiration Barber Shop just turned 'one'! Check them out and experience excellence. I'll accept your thanks in advance!

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This first year has been a high speed journey, and to be honest we have been so busy that we almost missed our anniversary! The Founder and passionate Barber, Oswashane Fletcher, would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people (family, friends, Barbers, and clients) who have supported his mission and vision; those who invested in him; those who supported him with words and actions of encouragement; those who work by his side and are apart of his amazing team; and those who drive out of their way to support the business and get some "INSPIRATION". Without the involvement and enthusiasm of you all, we would not be where we are today.


To all, reading this article- celebrate with us by letting your light shine! We all have something special to share with the people around us; with society. Get to know yourself, and discover the gift or gifts you've been blessed with. Then be of good purpose, and find ways to positively impact humanity with them.

Lastly, we look forward to serving you, your family, friends and associates when you come visit us for some "INSPIRATION" in year two!! Our goal will always be to make you Look Good, Feel Great, and Leave Inspired!

Shane-cuts Inspiration Barber Shop Founder & the Shane-cuts Inspiration Barber Shop Team

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