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Our Story





        The little seed that has blossomed to be known as ‘Shane-cutS INSPIRATION Barber Shop’ was planted in the ambitious mind of Oswashane Fletcher (Shane) in the year of 2014. Shane had been cutting hair, unofficially, dating back to 2001. Sometimes he took care of family and close friends for free, but most times he cut hair to provide himself a secondary stream of income. His clients and friends were always impressed with his haircuts and would sometimes ask him why he doesn’t work in a Barbershop. He always responded by telling them that he loves cutting hair, but he’ll never work in a Barbershop unless he's able to create a specific Barbershop atmosphere that supports his vision to make a positive impact on the community and society.

      In September of 2015 an unexpected but wonderful opportunity showed itself, and Shane became focused on taking advantage of it. A newly built Barbershop project was up for sale! The owner of the space decided not to continue his involvement in the Beauty/Barber Industry, and he hoped to be able to sell the place to a Barber with a good vision for success.

      Shane had a great business plan, but he lacked a few things to seize this opportunity. His two main issues were: He had very limited finances to purchase the space, and even if he managed to get the place, all his clients lived on the other side of town. This was going to be rough! Nevertheless, Shane was inspired and determined to acquire this space and open his first Barbershop. On October 16, 2015, after fundraisers, a lot of networking, the support of family and friends, and a small loan, Shane-cutS Inspiration Barber Shop became a reality.





        Shane’s vision for the shop goes beyond it just being a barbershop. It starts with the very word, INSPIRATION- a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create | a force or influence that inspires someone | the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions.

    This Barbershop has been developed to be an organization that provides traditional Barber services, but also an organization that exudes positivity and relaxes the body while stimulating the mind of the people that come through its doors. “Shane-cuts INSPIRATION Barbershop” is a place where people are guaranteed to have great experiences, express themselves, and receive quality haircuts.

    Simply put- our main goal, as a team of highly skilled, respectful and innovative Barbers, is to help you look good, feel great about yourself, and leave inspired. We keep Central Florida’s and any other visiting children, adults and elders well groomed and confident in their self-image.

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